Thursday, 12 July 2018

July Wishlist

As my birthday is coming up, I’ve been asked a lot of questions about what's on my wishlist for this year. That has really got me thinking a lot about what I want. Like I mentioned a couple of blog posts ago, I’ve been trying to cut down on my consumerism, so I really had to wreck my brain for ideas. Now that I created a wishlist, I really wanted to share it with you here on my blog!

#1. Vintage, Gold Jewelry

Normally, I only wear silver jewelry. I once read somewhere that silver jewelry suits people with pink undertones and gold jewelry suits people with yellow undertones. However, while my skin tone, in theory, looks better with gold jewelry, I have always been a silver kinda gal. Now that it's summer and I've got a tan, I want to experiment a bit more with gold jewelry. As you might have seen, gold jewelry in a vintage Southern European style is very hot in the blogosphere right now. I want to give it a try. I do, however, prefer sticking to actual vintage jewelry pieces as opposed to vintage inspired items. Why not be sustainable when you can? While I will be looking at Etsy and other online vintage stores for these ‘new’ jewelry pieces, my favorite non-vintage jewelry stores are Bagatiba, Missoma, Rock N Rose, Reliquia Jewelry, and Haati Chai.

#2. War Child t-shirts 

Second on my wishlist is a t-shirt from War Child. My favorites from the collection are the ones from Vivienne Westwood, Bella Freud, and Pam Hogg. I have a lot of t-shirts on my wishlist, but this one is for a good cause. War Child is a UK organization that, in celebration of their 25th anniversary, has teamed up with a variety of British designers to create a collection of t-shirts to help support and raise awareness of War Child’s charity. All the money will go towards providing high-impact programs across war torn countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Jordan, and Uganda. The programs will offer children support with issues such as mental health, education, and protection.

#3. Swimwear 

Third on my wishlist is swimwear. I don’t really own any swimwear because it used to be my least favorite thing to spend money on. However, now that swimwear companies focuses on the person wearing the swimwear and flattering the female body as opposed to exploiting them. I'm all for it now. I’m probably gonna go for a swimsuit or a bikini from the brand Matteau as I love the cuts and beautiful silhouettes of their swimwear.

#4. Gucci loafers

Okay, so I've been smitten as well... The last thing on my July wishlist is a pair of Gucci loafers. While I can appreciate classic designs and wardrobe stables such as these loafers, I have been trying to stay away from this–in my opinion–horrific Gucci trend that has been going on these past couple of years. The classic Gucci loafer, however, is not a part of the money making tactics behind the Gucci brand like the Gucci sneakers, the Gucci hats, and the Gucci *whatever* are. I’m very aware of the fact that some of these hyped items are just trendy because you get to show off your money. It's not what the designers have envisioned for Gucci as a brand, but rather items made as a source of income for Gucci. It saddens me to see fashion take this direction, but this is just a personal opinion so please don't be offended if you are part of the 'Gucci gang'. (If you wanna learn more about this specific topic, I suggest watching Haute Le Mode on Youtube. He is very passionate about the topic and his channel functions as a type of fashion industry 101 YouTube channel).

What's on your wishlist for this month?

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