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7 Things I Would Tell My High School Self

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I graduated high school 3.5 years ago and so much has changed for me since then. So, when my dad found a box filled with my old stuff from high school in his storage room, I couldn’t help but notice how big of a difference there was between the person I was in high school and the person I am now. There are so many things I know now that I wish would have known in high school so I decided to write a few of them down.

1. Lay off the late night trips to McDonalds. I know it's a fun late night adventure for you right now, but you really shouldn't eat that much junk food (especially when you aren't even hungry!!). You're gonna get reeeaal' chubby reeeaaal' fast and that's not gonna be cool with you. It's actually completely going to ruin your self-esteem so you should ask yourself if it's really worth it.
2. Don't be so concerned about your image. I know that image and the way you come across to others mean a lot when you're in high school, but just know that the only one who thinks your ears look weird is you. All those negative thoughts you have about yourself are not true at all. Remember that anyone who says differently are insecure teenagers themselves.

3. Get a better wardrobe. Right now, you're scared of telling people about your interest in fashion because you think the other fashion lovers will laugh at you. You know what kind of clothes you like and what kind of clothes you don't like, but you're too scared to execute these looks. Well, I'm here to tell you that you shouldn't be. Go nuts in vintage stores and extravagant fashion pieces!! It's a lot of fun. Wait and see – you'll absolutely love it later in life.
4. Don't worry about that stupid math class. Don't worry about that stupid math class. It's taking up WAY too much of your energy and spoiler alert: you're not gonna use it in your 'adult life' either way. Besides, you can't be good at everything and in this case, you're kind of a lost call...

5. Choose another dress for prom. Although it is a beautiful dress, you're not gonna feel confident enough to wear it. It's gonna make you feel extremely uncomfortable throughout prom night which will cause you to run home in attempt to find another dress to wear. Then you'll accidentally fall asleep and you'll totally feel like you've missed out on prom night because of that stupid dress.

6. Don't rely on the approval of your friends. You're all just a bunch of kids and they know just as little about life as you do. Besides, you need to trust in yourself and become more independent. It's a really bad habit to develop to be dependent on others' opinions and not everyone has the best intentions for you. You'll soon learn your lesson though and it's gonna be quite a shocker so prepare for that.

7. Join the school magazine ASAP. You're gonna be so glad that you joined the school magazine (and that you kept all the issues years later) once you've graduated high school. You'll begin to really enjoy writing in general. This experience, that the school magazine is providing you with, is gonna guide you on your way later in life. That's why you need to join it as fast as you can and stick around the editorial team until you've graduated.

What would you tell your high school self?


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  1. Love this post! Id probably tell my high school self some of the same things, I swear I was always so concerned about what others though of me I never really tried out my own sense of style until my final 2 years x

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