Thursday, 26 October 2017

4 Style Lessons 'Stranger Things' Has Taught Me

When the third season of 'Twin Peaks' was airing, I wrote a blog post about the style lesson I've learned from the show. Now that 'Stranger Things' is back with their second season, I'm gonna do the  exact same thing. 'Stranger Things' has really managed to fascinate and influence the fashion world as of recently. For example, the Louis Vuitton's SS18 runway show during Paris Fashion Week featured a look with a 'Stranger Things' t-shirt and now, Topshop has completely transformed their website in conjunction with their new 'Stranger Things' collaboration with Netflix. Anyways, here's the four style lessons 'Stranger Things' has taught me:
  1. The '80s is obviously the best fashion era ever. 'Stranger Things' really made me fall in love with '80s fashion all over again.

  2. Buzz cuts suggests a strong female character. After watching Eleven (not to mention how well Millie Bobby Brown wears the hairstyle outside of her role) rock the hairstyle, I really warmed up to the idea of cutting all my hair off.

  3. 'Geeky' is a new fashion statement, but it's also an attitude. Part of what makes Barb so popular, I believe, is the fact that she she's an outcast and a smart girl who was treated very unfairly. She looks effortlessly good and because of her, big geek glasses, mom jeans and pink frills are dominating the fashion picture. Everyone loves Barb and people are celebrating her by embracing her signature geeky look. #JusticeForBarb

  4. Money doesn't equal style. We already knew this one, but Joyce and Jonathan really reaffirms this statement for me.
Are you as excited for the new season of 'Stranger Things' as I am?

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