Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Sleepwear as Daytime Wear

ASOS robe & Intimissimi top

I'm not in the mood for anything today. It's so cold, dreary and cloudy outside and on top of that, I hate tuesdays. Basically, it's just one of "those" days. A while back, I fell madly in love with the Balenciaga satin robe and I haven't been able to fuhgeddaboudit until I came across this lovely golden champagne colored robe on ASOS. I instantly knew that I had to purchase it so that's exactly what I did. It comes in so handy on depressing days such as today. I've been at home all day wearing this robe and I don't feel guilty about staying in and not getting dressed at all (Can't say that without thinking of Coco Montrese's "oh at all"). I hope you're having a better tuesday than I am.

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