Wednesday, 28 March 2018

My New Adidas Sneakers Are A-OK

Suit: Thrifted | Turtleneck: Monki | Shoes: Adidas Gazelle

When I was in high school, all the cool kids wore sneakers. I wanted to be a cool kid so I happily joined the trend even though sports and physical activity are on the top of my list of things I hate the most in life. So I got myself a pair of Adidas Gazelles and a pair of New Balance 420s and I wore them until each shoe fell apart. Fast forward a couple of years, I began to miss the Adidas Gazelles. I missed the cool, vintage vibe they gave off and the amount of comfort my feet were in whenever I wore them. That’s why I decided to buy the exact same shoe last week and I’m so excited to have them back in my collection!

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