Thursday, 7 December 2017

4 Style Lessons 'Home Alone' Has Taught Me

These kinda posts seem to have become a thing on my blog and now that it's Christmas, I wanna talk about the style lessons I was taught by the Home Alone movies. My all time favorite Christmas movie is 'Home Alone 2: Lost in New York' which I've watched a million and 10 times. It sparked my love for New York City and my interest in '90s fashion. Here's what the Home Alone movies taught me in terms of style...
  1. A well dressed woman with statement gold earrings equals a strong, powerful woman. Kate Mccallister looked phenomenal and she always wore gold earrings and went against all odds to look for her missing son. She succeeded both times. Meanwhile, another fierce and well dressed woman in New York City took action and punched both Marv and Harry when she thought that they had sexually assaulted her. She also happened to wear gold earrings. You go, girl!!

  2. Camel coats look great on everyone. It's literally one of the only styles of coats that I've seen which will suit both men and women as well as young and old people.

  3. Funny quotes makes a good Christmas jumper. How many Christmas sweaters with the prase 'Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal' written on them have you seen so far this year?

  4. Little boys in knitted sweaters and bauble hats look freaking adorable. Kevin looks so cute, innocent and childlike in his cozy knitwear and I'm all about that look. Can you guess what I'm gonna dress my future children in during Christmas time?
How many times have you watched 'Home Alone' so far this year?

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