Sunday, 26 November 2017

Why I Won't Celebrate New Years Eve Again

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December is right around the corner and with December comes New Years Eve. I really don't want to go this year and in all honesty, I don't think I will attend another New Years Eve party ever again. Okay, okay... I know that sounds a bit dramatic, but let me explain: For as long as I can remember, I've always associated December 31st with the feeling of dread, never-ending loud bangs and drunk people everywhere I look. I get nervous just by thought of it (and as we speak). I'm not scared of drunk people, but I find them extremely annoying when I'm not in the party mood. I am, however, scared of the fireworks. Everyone I know is so excited for New Years Eve, which they refer to as "the party of the year", and I just don't think it meets all those expectations. I love going to parties leading up to Christmas, but as soon as Christmas is over, I'm officially done with parties for the season.

On New Years Eve, every bar in the country is packed full of drunk people. There are no cabs available and public transportation is a chaotic mess which means you always have to walk from bar to bar in your high heels on the cobbled city streets. Not only do you have to walk in the freezing cold and get blisters all over your feet, you also have to be on the look out for potential danger. The dangers that lurk on December 31st can vary from rapists and psychos to slippery streets covered in ice and snow to firework explosions and accidents. My biggest fear is losing an eye in a firework accident which automatically makes New Years Eve a night of horror for me and as they say; It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye.

I'll admit that a huge part of my hatred of New Years Eve comes from the fact that Christmas is over. Like every other sensible human being who celebrates Christmas, I freaking love the holidays. I love Christmas so much that I can feel myself becoming a better human being and a much nicer person to be around in the month of December. I suppose New Years Eve never really stood a chance anyway... I've always forced myself to go party on that one dreadful evening and as each and every single New Years party, I've ever attended, was in full swing there would come a time when I felt like being alone. I would move away from the party and go sit in a corner all by myself just to sob over a glass of champagne while ABBA's 'Happy New Year' would be playing. On that specific evening, everything is just so dark and depressing to me. I could be staring into nothingness for an eternity until someone would yell "EMMA!!! WE'RE DOING SHOTS!" at me and I would know that my company was needed elsewhere.
Last year, I politely declined all New Years Eve invitations I had received and I decided to stay home instead. I watched a movie, ate a bunch of snacks and went to bed super early. I remember briefly waking up at 12, when all the fireworks around the area went off. I then went back to sleep and that was it. It was the best New Years Eve I've ever had. The best part was that I had neither a hangover from hell nor a maxed out credit card. I had no guilt trip over excessive amounts of calorie intake from the night before and I was free to do whatever I wanted as soon as I woke up (as opposed to having a headache and a trashed house that needed cleaning).

What are your plans for New Years Eve?


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