Tuesday, 29 August 2017

DragWorld UK 2017

Alright, so I've been waiting impatiently for this weekend ever since October last year when they announced that there was going to be a DragWorld (Europe's Largest Celebration of Drag) in London with all of my favorite queens. This weekend, DragWorld finally came around so me and my friends packed our bags and flew to London. The first day was just one big blur. So much glitter, so many wigs, so many things to look at and so SO many people all desperately wanting the get the attention of their favorite drag queens (including myself ofc). There is no such thing as personal space in these kinds of conventions which actually got me kinda down to begin with. Despite of a rough beginning, this turned out to be the best weekend of my life.
The first panel we went to see was called 'Gender Is Non-Binary' and it was with Violet Chachki, Jinkx Monsoon, Carmen Carrera and Bendelacreme. It was extremely informative and empowering and me and my friends fell even more in love with the girls on that panel than we already were.

'Drag Goes Pop' was the next panel we planned to join that day. It was with Adore Delano, Ginger Minj, Sharon Needles and Alaska Thunderfuck which honestly almost made me cry. I've never met Adore before and she is my biggest idol so when she was sitting there right in front of us, it felt as if I was about to faint. I was also extremely excited to meet, BUT wayyyyy too scared to talk to the Haus of Piss. However, we still went to see their performances that day and they were AH-MAZING. I instantly regretted not talking to them, when we left that they because I love them so freaking much.
The second day came around and we started our day getting an autograph from Bendelacreme. She is also such a lovely queen. Next up was the beauty panel with Miss Fame and Violet Chachki. Those two have such a great chemistry together and they look absolutely breathtaking in real life. I bought a t-shirt from Violet's friend and designer whom I have been stalking on Instagram for months. I didn't tell him, though (because I'm shy, as you know).

The highlight of my day was meeting Biblegirl, Rubber Child and Lisa Limbaugh. They're my absolute favorites and they are just so fucking great. It's such a weird feeling meeting someone you stan so freaking hard in real life. Bibledad (biblegirl's dad) snatched a photo of me for their Instagram whilst I waited in line to meet Biblegirl. When I finally met her she was honestly the sweetest, most kindhearted person ever. She took the time to talk to AND listen to her fans and then she wrote me the cutest message. We met them again throughout the day. It was one of the best days of my entire life and the weekend itself was without a doubt THE best weekend of my life.

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