Sunday, 2 April 2017

How to Wear a Metallica T-Shirt

Vintage scarf | H&M tee | Monki skirt | Dr. Martens boots

Okay, so I guess I'm officially one of those girls who wear merch of artists they don't even listen to, but I don't mind that. It's whatever. I used to be a Metallica fan when I was a very moody 14-year-old. and when I stumbled upon this beige Metallica t-shirt in H&M, it made me feel so nostalgic. I like it because it's a quite feminine t-shirt considering it's advertising a heavy metal band. Usually Metallica t-shirts are dark with graphic images which, to me (at least now that I'm no longer 14), feels kinda extra. I like clean and minimal designs so this t-shirt is right on point.

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  1. This gorgous, love your styling!
    I have a dark tshirt for coldplay (not that they're a dark/metal band). I style it with a long necklace, flared jeans and sandles.. love it!
    I love band tshirts and love seeing different stylings!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Xx Angela


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