Tuesday, 25 April 2017

4 Style Lessons 'Twin Peaks' Has Taught Me

Twin Peaks is obviously one of the best TV shows ever made and with the third season right around the corner, I've decided to make a teeny tiny list on the style lessons that I've learned by watching the show.
  1. Apparently, red looks good on everyone. Red is an ongoing theme in Twin Peaks. All of the characters, from Josie Packard to Lucy Moran to Audrey Horne, pull of red as if it was the new black.

  2. When in doubt, wear a sweater. Just like red seems to be an ongoing theme so do knitted sweaters. Whether you are a guy or a girl, a high school student or a police station receptionist, a great sweater is a wardrobe must-have.

  3. A change of hairstyle and the right pair of statement glasses, can make you look like a completely different person. One second she's Laura Palmer, the next she's Maddy Ferguson.

  4. A slick back man ponytail is never a good idea. I'm talking Leo Johnson chic, here. Leo was an ugly person on the inside, but, boy, did he have an ugly hairdo as well.
What do you think of the fashion in Twin Peaks? Are you excited about the upcoming season of Twin Peaks?

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